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Reality Extension Devices

Software Engineer [Embedded OS]

$40k – $80k • 0.5% – 1.0%
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- Develop core operating system and service frameworks for standalone XR earphones.
- Partner with DSP and hardware engineers to build a versatile OS platform that will evolve over time.
- Collaborate with user experience engineers and PMs to translate ideas into the most comfortable audio XR experience.
- Implement the infrastructure needed to support interoperability between the device and internet services over mobile applications.

Minimum Qualifications

- MS degree in computer science or related field
- 2 years of programming experience in C++ / C
- 2 years experience in the following: device driver development or embedded systems, or operating systems

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience in electrical hardware design
- Experience with provisioning processes for mobile devices
- Experience developing HAL and device drivers for embedded RTOS or Linux
- Experience with DSP programming

Other things we like

- Open minded and highly social
- Passion for music
- Playing an instrument or/and making electronic music
- Aware of and taking active care of your body and soul

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Founder at KALKUL Inc. 🎶 music luv // 2 * MSc Eng. @ [Keio University + Centrale Nantes]