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The Kalkul team builds Audio AR/XR hardware, embedded AI and platform to let you experience a new reality. The potential of an Augmented Reality on connecting the human with the machine in a completely new way is immense. We are just starting to envision where this journey is going. Kalkul Research is pioneering new concepts and driving the state of the art forward with breakthrough work in sensor data fusion, mixed reality, acoustic environment mapping, AI at the edge, biology and new concepts to link the body and the machine. Kalkul Design is pushing the state of the art in the field of 3D printed manufacturing and new personalized human ergonomics.
Come and work alongside pioneer engineers to create the technology that will enable a new era of ambient personal computing. We will change reality and ultimately elevate mankind to a new cognitive level.

As a software engineer on the Kalkul OS team, you will be the key contributor to developing the first consumer generation of XR earphones and providing Kalkul' users the worlds first purpose-built earphone to experience a new audio mixed reality.

You will collaborate with engineers, product designers and experience artists to identify and solve a diverse set of technical challenges across a broad chain of technologies: hardware, firmware, signal processing, frameworks and applications. You will have the opportunity to define the total user experience for a brand-new category of computing systems.

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