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Gamification meets Customer Support

Gamification meets Customer Support

Ticketless combines the appeal of Gamification with the power of Artificial Intelligence to smartly scale Customer Service centers.

We believe gamification in a product delivers exceptional value, especially in combination with Artificial Intelligence and applied to Analytics for Customer Service (CS) agents. Where products usually lack a clear storyline for users to jump into, Ticketless combines these elements to provide a ready-to-use environment for skill development.

Increasing Agent Motivation & Engagement - customer service (CS) is a reactive process dependent on incoming requests from clients. The game gets them engaged, gives them a goal to work towards and measures their progress in a way the whole team can relate to.

Showcase our AI - the simplified and contained environment the game creates is the perfect environment for our AI model to play, learn, and show off its immediate value.§

Dominik Blattner

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Founder @ticketless

Scala/Clojure Developer

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