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On a mission to give everyone on earth a coach who cares about them

On a mission to give everyone on earth a coach who cares about them

Life coaches, executive coaches, and even lifestyle influencers all face the same problem: the minute they achieve any sort of success, they create a market they can't possibly serve. The most successful coaches turn away 80% of the people waiting in line to pay them. Meanwhile, over 100 Million people in the U.S. say they want personal coaching, but can't get access. This is a supply problem, but we don't need more coaches – we need to give the best coaches out there superpowers.

Kai empowers personal coaches to scale via text message. We use Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to learn how coaches communicate, multiply their efforts through process automation, and enable them to deliver their unique coaching experience entirely via text message. For the coach or coaching org, this means unprecedented reach into new markets and new sources of revenue. For the consumer, it means access to great coaching regardless of income level or life situation.

Dan Rye

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Co-founder & CTO of Kai Coach

Jonathan Smith

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Founder Crossroads Labs. Founder Kai Coach. 10+ yrs in ethnography, biz ops, data analytics, and digital strategy. Once played 180 holes of minigolf in 3 days.

Jane Decker

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Co Founder at KAI, the AI Enabled Human Coach that communicates entirely via text message.

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