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Nurturing a love for learning

Nurturing a love for learning

What happens if we zoom out the everyday myopic view of teaching, standards and compliance and look at a student’s K-12 Journey? One such experiment looking at student's K-12 Journey helped this group of innovators to create K12 Nest.

On the learning end, K12Nest has created a high-quality educator-vetted K12 Library of web and mobile content organized by grades (PreK-12) in 16 subjects and 14 categories which currently serves as discovery platform for educators, families and students while creating the infrastructure to unite the silos in K-12 content provider space.

Well, students learn, but how do we capture their creativity, the problem solving or critical thinking skills? What if holistic student growth is captured?

We are actively creating the next evolution of K-12 Nest, nurturing the holistic potential of students using our innovative Student First philosophy that brings together all the stakeholders in a student's K-12 ecosystem.

Stay tuned for a Fall 2014 launch....

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