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As a Jussapplaud Blogger you will be primarily responsible for conceptualizing, writing, editing and promoting the content of the Jussapplaud Blog. categories will include fashion, Art, Home Decor & promotion of the Jussapplaud Musical artists and Models and as well as the Brand as a whole.

You must come up with post ideas, conduct research for each post, write in an engaging and clear manner, check your work for errors, find relevant photos to include with the post and publish the post on a specific date.

Your duties will include:
-Pitching Ideas
-Writing and Editing
-Implementing SEO
-Promoting the Blog
-Engaging the Audience

Skills required include:

In order to keep their editorial calendar up to date and juggle several due dates concurrently, Bloggers must be exceptionally organized.

-Topical Experience (Experience in Fashion)

-Communication Skills

To keep the blog as consistent and uniform as possible, you must be able to adapt to writing and editing in a certain style and tone.

-Analytical Skills
In the interest of understanding and catering to our audience as comprehensively as possible, you will need to analyze and interpret several sets of raw data pertaining to reader demographics, monthly visitors, return visitor rates, the number of clicks per link and the amount of time each visitor spent browsing.

Please note this is an intern position .

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Luxury Brand of All Arts,

Jussapplaud focuses on E-Commerce, Fashion, Design, and Art. Their company has offices in Toronto. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at http://jussapplaud.ca or find them on LinkedIn.

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