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Modern, all-in-one investment management software for commercial real estate



Kady Pooler

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Highly successful sales development leader with a world class record in professional tennis. Passionate about creating winning business growth solutions.

Eugene Oh

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Product marketing at Juniper Square

Jonathan Charny

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Product Manager @Juniper Square. Worked at W. P. Carey. Studied @Johns Hopkins University.

Sam Mercer

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Customer success manager @ Juniper Square.

Byrisetty Rajeev

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o Emerging technologies expertise as a developer/manager at big companies/startup. o Deep experience with web-scale data in online advertising/log processing.

Justin Calles

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I design products that help people navigate complexity.

Alyssa Berger

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Experience in management consulting, marketing, collaborative problem solving, and thriving in fast-paced, challenging environments.

Vittoria Reimers

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Works Juniper Square

Timothy Lai

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Currently working as a Product Operations Manager at Juniper Square. Interested long term in Product Management and cross-team collaboration.

Connor Harlander

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I'm a driven leader, and I thrive in ambiguous and uncertain environments. I rely on a data-backed approach to creatively solve problems.

Geoffrey Hong

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Berkeley Haas undergrad, experience scaling startups (@ Zenefits, Blueboard, Juniper Square).

Timothy Lin

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Currently Solutions Engineer at Juniper Square Prev. Real Estate Private Equity and CMBS Ratings

Austin Caldwell

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Now: Recruiting @Juniper Square, formerly @Stripe, @Microsoft. @George Washington University grad. Passionately curious.

Emily Ward

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