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Predictive Intelligence for wind turbines, grid assets and heavy industry machinery



Alexander Helmer

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Co-founder of Jungle, MSc in Aerospace Engineering, happy citizen of Lisbon

Tim Kock

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CEO at jungle.ai


Based in beautiful #Lisbon 🏖️ Public Transport & camping fan 🚌 Removing uncertainty together with Jungle AI. 🌴
A social chameleon on an adventure to reduce uncertainty at Jungle AI.

André S

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Data Scientist at jungle.ai | Exploring the unexplored, taming wild data and uncovering value from noise.
MSc Student of Electrical Engineering turned Data Scientist to do my part in the renewable energy revolution.
MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Currently uncovering information in data to build predictive solutions @Jungle AI

Nelson Rodrigues

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Data Scientist with a background in Computer Science that loves extracting impactful insights from the messiest of the datasets.
Building AI based solutions @Jungle AI. MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Knowledge seeker.