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A solution for ecommerce shops to collect and publish product reviews

Rails Full Stack Developer

$10k – $24k
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#### Responsibilities ####

+ Assist in designing, developing, testing, maintaining and improving system
+ Participate in product planning management discussions for better understanding of the company's products
+ User oriented when delivering features and developer oriented when delivering codes
+ Self-manage and deliver features without handholding

#### Requirements / Skills ####

+ BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent
+ Familiarity with our tech stack:
- Ruby, Rails
- PostgreSQL
- CSS, HTML, Vanilla JavaScript
- Concurrent processing with Sidekiq
- Git, GitHub, GitHub flow
+ Familiarity with coding standards and best practices
+ 1+ years experience
+ Self-management and self-motivation
+ Good enough English for Slack

#### Ideally ####

+ Good problem solving skills with understanding of data structures and algorithms
+ Security and performance awareness
+ Familiarity with more tech stack:
- AWS services, e.g. EC2, EB, ES, S3
- NodeJS, PHP, Python, Bash
- Redis, MongoDB
+ Experience with ecommerce platforms, e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce
+ Have an investment mentality, and want to build for the long term
+ Great written and spoken English

#### Hard problems we are trying to solve ####

+ Business: We deliver real business results to ecommerce businesses of all sizes, with our super affordable tool delivering great ROI to customers by improving trust, generating reviews which improve conversion rates on product pages, and generating follow-up sales directly.
+ Technical: One of the challenges is building web UI components that adapt on thousands of different websites. We call this as frontend at the 4th dimension. Issues, which are typically not obvious, are magnified at this level. Our coding, debugging, problem solving, structural thinking skills and our perception on the significance of coding standards will be boosted.
+ Performance: at our moderate scale with millions of requests a day, albeit not as much as Google's or Facebook's, simple code can make considerable impact. We will learn when to break the conventions to tune for performance.
+ Email: We send millions of emails each month on behalf of our customers. Our in-email review forms are on the cutting edge of front-end development which provides interesting challenges.

#### Why it would be awesome to work with us ####

+ Our team is small and growing steadily, your work will have significant impacts and be appreciated by customers and team members.
+ We are diversified and international, with team members around the globe.
+ First hand experience with our customers. You can see thousands of ecommerce businesses, of all sizes and types, managing their businesses and learn from them.
+ Flexible work hours (within reasons). No overtime. No dress code, wear whatever you want (but wear something of course).
+ Open work environment. Ideas and feedbacks are welcome and appreciated. Criticism is always blameless and constructive. We want ourselves to improve after all.
+ Healthy codebase. Zero (or very few) WTF moments when onboarding to our codebase.
+ Thorough and constructive code review. We will push ourselves toward and learn to write better codes together.

#### Benefits ####
+ Base salary matching the best startups in Saigon. $800 - $2000+
+ Opportunities to grow into senior developer role and beyond, which is 3K+ USD at Judge.me
+ Premium medical insurance
+ Flexible working hours (within reason)
+ Flexible leave days. 2.5 leave days per month (including official holidays)

Judge.me at a glance

A solution for ecommerce shops to collect and publish product reviews

Judge.me focuses on Ecommerce and Shopify . Their company has offices in Ho Chi Minh City. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://judge.me

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