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Discover, customize, and book extraordinary trips

Discover, customize, and book extraordinary trips

Jubel democratizes the luxury of affording an expert travel advisor for millions of people that currently spend countless hours travel planning, with an AI platform to easily plan and book extraordinary trips tailor-made to the user’s style, budget, and preferences. Jubel brings humanity closer together and protects the planet with meaningful experiences that bridge cultures, broaden perspectives, and promote sustainability. PROBLEM Millions of travelers aged 25-45 go on an annual multi-day/ multi-destination international trip but always struggle to plan it themselves online because of: 1. Choice overload: Hundreds of thousands of potential destinations 2. Unreliable information: Most travel content online isn’t vetted or updated 3. Spending way too much time: Takes more than 26 hours and 140 website visits SOLUTION/PRODUCT Jubel helps users discover the world's wonders with extraordinary custom-made trips while saving them money and countless hours of research thanks to 20x faster planning and budget optimization. Jubel’s AI platform empowers users with expert travel knowledge, curated destinations, acute personalization, and seamless booking.

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Founder, CMBDO of @Jubel. Previous Supply & Growth Manager @Oasis. Studied at Villanova University, School of Business.

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Founder and CEO of @Jubel. Strong business background, worked at @J.P. Morgan and studied at @Wharton School
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