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Working at Journy means you’ll be joining a small team of experienced start-up pros who left cushy full-time jobs to build a product that they believe should exist in the marketplace today.

Do you spend hours planning a trip? Do you triangulate across multiple sources to figure out if a place is something you want to add to your itinerary? Do you resort to using Excel, Google Docs, or email to keep track of your itinerary? If you’ve ever felt this pain and haven’t come up with solutions for it (getting your significant other to do all the work of planning the trip doesn’t count), then you’ll fit right in with us.

Many think we’re crazy for being yet another startup to jump into the travel space, but we know we’re solving a real pain point that also presents an enormous opportunity. To date, there hasn’t been a player to disrupt the travel planning space in a meaningful way since TripAdvisor. Millennials want more personalization, higher quality, and care about food and drink and authentic, local experiences more than any other customer segment in travel.

We’re backed by amazing investors who are as passionate about this problem as we are.
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Software Engineer

Front-end Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

Overview At Journy, we’re on a mission to help travelers realize their travel dreams and explore across cultures and borders more deeply, meaningfully, and authentically. Our service pairs travelers with their own personal trip designer to plan their dream trip. Each week, we help more travelers...