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Bryan Potter

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Mukesh Kastala

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Experience with: NLP and Backend Development. Worked for First American Financial. Works for Josh.ai!

Jonathan Yost

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Went to University of Denver

Sainabou Gaye

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Storyteller | Aspiring Marketing & Media Guru | Social Media lover | Avid reader

Casey Levy-Tulloch

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USC Marshall graduate and former NCAA athlete with various work experience. Competitive, organized, and diligent leader.

Brian Hulme

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Product designer at Josh.ai

Schuyler Martin

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Dedicated hardworking CS student who gets work done. Focused on Graphics, CV, Sys Prog, and OS. Looking for full time. Expected to Graduate May 2017.

Ed McKenna

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Stephen Wayne

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Software Engineer with excellent problem solving, engineering, and leadership skills. Strong technical background with a M.S. Degree from UCSD.

Jason Hsin

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Digital product designer, currently leading product design and branding at Josh.ai

Nader Dajani

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Biz Dev @Josh.ai ● Startups ● SmartHome ● Equity Trading ● Studied @University of Southern California (MBA), @University of Texas at Austin (BS Elect Engr)

Scotty Allen

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Head of Product and Engineering at Josh.ai | Lead Global Product Team @Oracle for 9 years | BSEE and MBA from the University of Denver
Co-founder & CEO of @Josh.ai. Previously founded @At The Pool and @Yeti - Discover Local. Worked at @Fisker Automotive.
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Dylan Sanders

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Nate Jones

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