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Create technology to address illiteracy in developing countries

Full stack Kotlin Engineer - Develop systems to help understand and improve Africa’s Largest Literacy Intervention - Non Profit

$25k – $35k • No equity
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Jolly Futures Technologies works with Africa’s Largest Literacy Intervention, the Jolly Futures project. Over 100,000 teacher have been trained across Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and more, as part of intervention.

Work with us to develop and deploy systems to centralise the teacher, monitoring, and pupil assessment data, used in the project.

During the course of each of the projects, teachers are trained, pupils are assessed, and monitors visit schools. Huge amounts of data is collected during these activities. The centralisation and structuring of this data, combined with a streamlined process for its collection will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the project.

The system is already operating at scale, and will be growing in 2019. We plan to assess the literacy skills of over 500,000 pupils in Nigeria during 2019 using the Jolly Monitoring System.

The system you will work on is composed of an Android App and a Web Dashboard. The app is used by monitors on the ground to collect data, the dashboard is used by project managers and governments to analyse the data.

The primary area for development is the dashboard, We are looking to accelerate development, to provide more powerful analysis and visualisation tools, to provide accurate information about projects to key stakeholders.

We are looking to further embed the use of the dashboard within the educations systems which we work, and provide powerful tools to governments to understand and manipulate the data in the monitoring system.

The backend is written in Kotlin, using Spring Boot, Hibernate, Postgres.
The front-end is rendered server side, written in a Kotlin HTML DSL. Javascript, Typescript, Webpack and Bootstrap are also used.
Native Android is used for the app.

What we are looking for:

As a full stack developer you would be working across the backend and frontend, as the components are tightly coupled..

Languages: Kotlin, Java, Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS.
Frameworks: Spring Boot, Hibernate / JPA, Kotlinx, GraphQL, Bootstrap.
Key Competencies: Database design, Clean system design, Functional programming.

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