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Eating a piece of cake of Tripadvisor

Eating a piece of cake of Tripadvisor

Jokly is a comprehensive travel platform that focuses on independent travelers and helps them to design their trip itineraries step by step. A user can construct his or her journey plan by choosing destination, booking hotel and marking points of interest at the selected place. In the end all essential journey information is displayed in an elegant way.

We cooperate with Booking.com, the largest hotel booking service, providing a simple and categorized search tool of over 500,000 hotels worldwide. The company is going to scale up its business model by adding other partnership programs (flights, car rentals, guided tours, etc.) as well as other b2b and b2c services.

Apart from its travel planning feature, Jokly is a content-based platform. Today it offers tons of tourist spots and hidden gems all over the world, categorized and easy-to-discover, as well as inspirational guides on several European destinations, lovely described to become a starting point of a journey plan.

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