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Estimating & Invoicing Tool for Contractors


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Dave Johnson

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Now: Founder Tortoise Industries Prev: dir of eng @adobe • co-founder @Phonegap and @RobotReplay (both acquired) • quantum physics phd ⚛ • lover of ☕️


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Early stage venture. First institutional @angellist investor.

Farhan Thawar

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Investor in @Xtreme Labs.

Golden Ventures

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Golden Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital fund, investing across North America.

Ameet Shah

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Partner at Golden Ventures Co-Founder of Five Mobile (acquired by Zynga), GM Zynga Toronto. Startup mentor, advisor and investor.

Flight Ventures

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Investing in the Top Companies and Entrepreneurs

Tom Williams

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Trusted friend to most every CEO in my portfolio. Proud of my courage and independent thinking, two of the most rare attributes in venture investing.

Flight.VC Syndicate

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5 $1B + announced exits Investor: Ripple, Brave, Polychain, Paypal, Filecoin, Civic, Linkedin, Cruise, Dollar Shave Club Wealthfront, Discord, Fastly
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