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Private social network for families

Private social network for families

Loop is a new family communication system made with hardware and a private social network. Loop consists of a home viewing device and mobile/cloud software that allows you to stay connected with people that matter most. Users create channels for Loop from the app. Channels can be streaming pictures, videos, or a live video chat. Channels can come from existing social feeds like Instagram, repositories like Dropbox, Google Photos, or private channels that can only be seen by people you have invited to your Loop network. People buy them in bundles and outfit one for each home in the immediate family. Product and app have network effect within a family and can jump from family to family creating viral growth. The curated channels create strong barriers to entry and stickiness for unique “Social Hardware” opportunity.

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Sital Mistry

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HipLogic, Zynga, Co-Founder of Loop. Studied at University of California, Berkeley
Co-founder at Loop (California Labs),Worked at Altitude Inc, Studied at RISD and Brown University
Founder of Loop • Worked at @Maxim Integrated, @Boston Consulting Group, @Fujitsu • Studied at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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