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Sima Sistani

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Co-founder/COO @Houseparty (part of Epic Games) ; Worked at Tumblr, Yahoo, IntoNow, CAA, Goldman Sachs.


Shelby Will

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Studied Media Studies at UC Berkeley

Danielle Davila

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Community Marketing at Girlboss. Previously at Houseparty and Red Bull. Went to University of San Francisco.

Sara Garner

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Software Engineer at Houseparty, formerly at Facebook and The New York Times. Columbia '15.

Ann McIntyre

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Human Swiss Army knife, thrives in chaos, tech savvy, administrative superstar. If I'm not an expert on something, just give me internet access and a few hours.

Jill Lin

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Alan Liang

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Austin Ellis

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10 years experience working on websites, video games in both large and very small companies.

Praveen Chekuri

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Co-founder @Sheltr

Raman Deol

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Julia Onken

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Marketing + Community + Product + Growth. Currently @Houseparty, past: @Expa, @Stanza, @1sb, and @Wheelz.

Eric Krash

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Yoni Londner

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Head of Backend at Houseparty. Formerly Head of Backend at Houseparty, and R&D Group Manager at Hola.org

Kimberly Kalb

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Growth at Houseparty. Formerly Partnerships at Meerkat. Tumblr, HBO, NBC.

Jeffrey Needles

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Technically skilled business person with a passion for data.
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Board members and advisors

Mike Vernal

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Partner at @Sequoia Capital. Work with @Houseparty (part of Epic Games), @Citizen, @rideOS , @Rockset, Threads and more. Previously @Facebook, @Microsoft.

Eden Shochat

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Operator, founder of @Face.com, @Aternity. Hands-on Product and Technology background. Early stage investor. Entrepreneur friendly.
Investing, advising, plotting, parenting. Founding Partner @#Angels Group. Board member @Gannett. Alum of @Twitter.

Former team

Veeral Patel

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Randolph Lee

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Meredith Smith

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Jonathan Reichhold

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Courtney English

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Amanda McRae

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