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David Roccapriore

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Programmer and Instructor @Horizons School of Technology

Jonathan Zinger

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Building relationships, better @grove

Murph Bhat

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Single-handedly built out and managed 13 employee, IT Cloud Consulting company's Operations Department

Demetrius Johnson

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15+ years of experience, I have led teams, delivered critical consumer products, been involved in the full life cycle of many products. [~600M users, $3.8B]
Experienced Product Manager with a tech background. Growth @Horizons School of Technology and Machine Learning PM @Workday . Graduate of M&T at @University of Pennsylvania.

Prathmesh Desai

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Ricky Sharma

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Senior JavaScript Lecturer@joinhorizons, Technical Co-Founder @Voo(Acquired'17),Scalability Research@Johns Hopkins,Senior Backend Engineer @Jurispect

Will Yoo

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Former team

Syed Mohsin

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Graham W Smith

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Lane Rettig

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Gisela Kottmeier

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Ethan Lee

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