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Peer Learning Groups for Professionals in every Category (Like YPO!)

Peer Learning Groups for Professionals in every Category (Like YPO!)

enrich matches senior leaders across companies to share insights and best practices. Our mission is to help people create more meaningful connections and perform better at work. enrich currently offers an impactful experience where senior leaders at top companies meet every 4 to 6 weeks to build more meaningful relationships, to share best practices, and normalize their experiences. The goal of each meeting is for our members to develop and nurture real, organic relationships that help them to become better leaders. Our client base includes fantastic leaders like the CXO’s and Senior leaders at Box, Glassdoor, VMware, Affirm, Google, Oracle, Envoy, Superhuman, Branch, Credit Karma, and others. We’re funded by a great group of people deeply committed to our mission like Bloomberg Beta Ventures, and founders from Twitter, Masterclass, Meetup and others and are building out our founding team. Quotes from some of our members: “In my job, I’m very focused on solving problems. My enrich peer group helps me lift my gaze from the tasks in front of me and think more broadly about the business. I tried enrich because I thought it would be fun. I stayed because it is making me a better leader.” ~ Tom Gillis, SVP & General Manager at VMware “I’ve been blown away by the level of intimacy and comfort in the enrich community. This enables both me and my executive team to take off the work mask and share openly. Our team needs to be able to go deep to really learn new insights.” ~Jessica Mah, Founder and CEO of inDinero We’re funded by Bloomberg Beta Ventures, and seasoned founders from companies like Envoy, Branch, Revel Systems, and Decent.

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