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instant matchmaking for jobseekers and employers

instant matchmaking for jobseekers and employers

With help from the former CTO of OkCupid and a former Amazon algorithms expert, we've created a platform that automatically matches jobseekers to their most highly compatible employers. By analyzing the hidden passion & priority stacks of both jobseekers and employers, our platform can detect in seconds what previously took multiple rounds of interviews. Dealmakers and dealbreakers are now revealed in plain text for all to see. Transparency is now part and parcel of the hiring process. A startup using Jobsuitors can now compete head to head with top Silicon Valley companies for talent, even with a $0 marketing/advertising budget. A headhunting agency partnering with us can cut 90% of its workforce because our platform automatically handles the sourcing, vetting, and matchmaking. We're doing for the recruiting industry what Uber has done for the automotive industry. Hiring can now happen, on-demand, by any company, without any need for HR infrastructure or recruiters.

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