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Making Machines Understand

Making Machines Understand

AUI Systems(AUI) is a technology startup working on the cutting edge technology in the realm of Artificial Intelligence with specific focus on Understanding based systems. We believe that the current statistical approach to NLP is not the way to build par human understanding in machines. We are developing proprietary cutting edge technologies to take the quantum leap towards general artificial intelligence. We are a small, nimble and agile team of highly committed and competent professionals and we are looking for similar minded people.

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Shashank Gupta

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Senior Software Developer at Aui Systems Pvt Ltd & 1.5+ yr Experience of working as Data analyst at Big Data Centre of Excellence. Know Hadoop, ML, NLP, Android
We are a technology startup working on cutting edge technologies in the realm of UNDERSTANDING. We are focussed on 'Making Machines Understand'

Saharsh Yashlaha

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DAIICT B.tech , MU Sigma , Currently working on building a government portal on WAMP server