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Uber for the catering industry (servers, bartenders, etc.)

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JobCore was born inside a Catering company, it address a real problem that has not been solved by anyone, we tried all possible solutions before creating our own. After 1 year of development the product is in ready (beta), we have been using it for a while and we are ready to started looking for new clients.
This is a great moment to join the company because we have not started growing yet and you will become almost co-founder, stock options will be offered and you will have creative freedom and 90% of the execution (small team).
Salary and other benefits will grow as we grow.
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Digital Marketing Specialist

Posted 11 months ago

You'll plan, prepare, and execute innovative digital marketing strategies through SEO, PPC, and email marketing to help our firm and our clients take our business to the next level. As our Digital Marketing Manager, you'll be in charge of driving serious online traffic by: - Managing and...