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Kai Dickerson

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Goal-driven, entrepreneurial minded business athlete with a passion for innovative technology and solutions.

Deanna Briggs, MLS, MBA

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10+ years of product management experience in SaaS companies in information services/publishing, marketing, fintech (insurance)

Connor Noon

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Customer Success @Jobcase | Former Operations and Ventures @Incandescent | Former Co-founder @Wrangle | @Dartmouth Alum

Kelly Mahoney

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15+ years in digital sales/ sales management experience. Exceeds goals and builds winning sales teams. Start up experience, founding member KAYAK.com sales team

Leonard H Sutton II

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Worked at Jobcase

Ben Yu

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Worked at Jobcase, Teach For America, and McMaster-Carr

Bram Oosten

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Enthusiastic, intelligent, proactive, and creative (plus more vague impressive adjectives) entrepreneur with focus in graphic design, marketing, and web design.

Albert Kao

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Will Rhudy

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A fella with an English degree from Indiana walks into Boston and becomes a technical recruiter. [scene]

Kelsey Theriault

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Full stack software engineer. Co-founder of Ledgie Inc. Studied at UC Berkeley.

Lauren Vitale

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I am a proactive leader with creative drive and a confident communicator with an analytics background.

Daniele Tylki

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Neda Talebzadeh

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Data and results-oriented analyst with a passion for tech. Self-driven problem solver. Collaborator.
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Former team

Francis Nimick

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Terran Melconian

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William Hemond

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Elyssa Duncan

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Tori Zopf

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Sid Sathe

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