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Machine data, Human insight

Machine data, Human insight

JITbase (jitbase.com) is smart manufacturing software that uses machine data and information from CNC programs to calculate the optimal sequence of machinist activities on the shop floor. Our product, The Optimal Path System (OPS), is based on algorithms that calculate in real-time what should happen in production in order to maximise the availability rate of the fleet of machines. The machinist knows where and when he must be present so he manages more machines.

Here are our recent achievements :
- Follow Start-Up Chile acceleration program (startupchile.org) in February - August 2017
- Finalist of Innobahn challenge for the Airport of Montreal in February 2016
- Followed District 3 accelerator program (d3center.com) in September - December 2016
- Graduated Montreal Founder Institute (fi.co) in June 2016
- Graduated Centech acceleration program (centech.co) in April 2016
- Co-Winner of Innobahn 2016 for the Grand Prix Trois-Rivieres challenge
Co-founder of JITbase, Love good programming
Co-founded JITbase and built with React.js, have won awards for data visualization and interactive graphics. Also do 3D modelling & make retro pixel games in JS

Francois Laforge

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18 years of experience as a developer, business analyst and project manager
CEO @JITbase. Former Industrial Engineer. Graduated from @Founder Institute