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Create and share interactive, 3D instructions for anything.

Create and share interactive, 3D instructions for anything.

We learn better in 3D, that's how we experience the world.

JigSpace is the platform to explore and share interactive, 3D knowledge for absolutely anything. Dive through dozens of Jigs, learn at your own pace, satisfy your curiosity.

With Jig Workshop (beta), anyone can make, geo-locate, and share Jigs, creating a persistent layer of 3D knowledge around the world: an AR Wikipedia.

JigSpace empowers anyone to learn in the best possible way.

JigSpace is exceptional:
Ever-expanding library
Continually evolving, proprietary Jig format
520k+ users, in 130+ countries
Beloved: 4.8/5 stars, 4000+ ratings worldwide
Featured in TIME, Wired, AppAdvice, TechRadar, Apple.com
Co-founder, CTO of JigSpace. Software Engineer. Surfer.

Zac Duff

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Co-founder, CEO of JigSpace. Award-winning game developer, interested in democratising complex creative processes.

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