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Full-stack Augmented Reality authoring platform

Full-stack Augmented Reality authoring platform

Jido is making our physical world more intuitive and interactive using location based augmented reality (AR). Spaces, our full-stack AR authoring platform has already been deployed to over 10,000 locations on 6 continents. Our team began in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Labs and is now backed by Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, and an amazing group of industry leaders.

While we are tech nerds at heart, our development is driven by practical areas where AR provides massive value in a way that no other interface works. We feel there is no need to wait for the future of spatial computing, we have already found impactful ways to use our technology to make today's world better for people. As a result of this focus, our platform is already being used to address problems billions of people face every day.
Stanford AI Lab Postdoc; Cornell Ph.D. in Machine Learning+Robotics
Stanford PhD Robotics; Stanford Graduate Fellow; National Science Foundation Fellow

Full Stack Developer (Augmented Reality)

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