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Build, deploy and evolve your applications without back-end hassle!



Founder at Jexia, Speaker, Tech Evangelist
Co-Founder @JEXIACOM. #Technology lover. #Startup enthusiast. Tweets about #API #APP #Software #Tech



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Nayra Martins Garcia

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Worked at Jexia
Passionate strategist and digital consultant, team player and faithful believer of the motivation to obtain the best of those around me.

Alexandr Scherbyna

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Worked at Jexia
Frontend engineer at Jexia. He has worked on several projects with containerization technologies, specially with Kubernetes.

Mark Geller

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B.Sc. in Physics. M.Sc in Machine Learning. Backend Developer

Rishabh Jha

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A CS enthusiast & professional. Have built great products & love doing so. Worked with startups as well as big organisations. Currently also leading small team.
DevOps, possession Puppet & Ansible. @gangsta

Nande Konst

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Cisco network engineer
DevOps, systems engineering background and advanced coding skills, delivery and maintenance. Strong in both Perl and Python, OO, MVC and systems administration.