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Smart Sport Equipment using machine learning and micro-electronics

Smart Sport Equipment using machine learning and micro-electronics

Jetson Industries is an IoT development company with a focus on innovation in sport through technology.
Our first product is a smart ball which uses movement sensors to transmit important information such as speed, force and spin. This data can be used to map the balls position and gives important feedback on their actions.
We have applied gamification to the data to increase user retention and make it appealing to a younger audience. Users can compete with each other for fastest bowl, longest hit, most balls hit in the water and so on.
Rather than be disruptive with our products our business model is to collaborative, and we have quickly established commercial relationships with industry leading brands and governing bodies to use their network, brand and existing sales and distribution methods to deliver our product to market.
Founder @Jetson Industries • Worked at @Dreamz.AI. Specialist in innovation, project management and user testing.

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