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Full Level 5 Autonomy for Every Vehicle on the Road

Full Level 5 Autonomy for Every Vehicle on the Road

JCC Bowers is the innovative UK company behind Cobalt Auta.

1. HARDWARE — Powerful, embedded, connected XXXX for parallel processing of incoming data from sensor arrays, cloud, vehicle CAN, and V2X.
2. SENSORS – Next-gen LIDAR offering real-time vehicle reaction and advanced visibility over conventional LIDAR tech, without the weight or failures.
3. AI & CLOUD — Our technologies connect to the existing vehicle CAN network, the cloud and our sensors to provide real-time, intelligent and automated control of the vehicle via touch, text or voice.
4. HMI/OS – Future-proofed HMI/OS offers seamless control of vehicle functionality, application integrations, and control over our AI assistant in and out of the vehicle..

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IT Professional 18+ Yrs Exp. .Net,C#, ASP.net, MVC, Node.Js, AngularJS, JQuery, SQL, Azure,iOT, XML, CRM, Mobile,XAMARIN, Ionic, Python,MySQL,NoSQL,Graph DB.
Delivering automotive applications using state of the art technologies including machine learning, deep learning, image classification and NLP chatbots.

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Leading the effort to transform transportation by developing the technologies necessary to finally bring full Level 5 autonomy to the road.
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