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We are a successfully funded startup built by a team of like-minded people, coming from finance, programming, art and communication. Join our core team, to solve problems and to build the coolest products ever for Decentralized Finance. We are not looking for developers mastering one stack, but for junior, middle and senior full-stack developers with a perfect mindset: • agile and comfortable in a startup environment, switching between tech stacks and tasks • very productive, fast-learning, and life-time learner • ready to learn and try out new languages, libraries and frameworks • understand the value of user-experience and of a perfect interface Our tech stack includes: Flutter, Solidity, React, JavaScript/TypeScript, Redux-style architecture, Docker, NodeJS, web3.js We work on cutting-edge tech such as ENS, meta-transaction, state-channel, smart contract, multi-sig and delegate keys, synthetic assets, dex, burner wallet, on-chain price data, data management with merkle tree, etc.
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Blockchain Engineer - DeFi - trustless trading protocol - synthetic assets

Posted 2 months ago

💎** WHAT WE DO?**
We are a well-funded startup building both the technologies and the user-facing applications of the Jarvis Network, a set of protocols on Ethereum which universalize the access to any financial markets and assets (1), and o uberize brokerage (2).