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Mass adoption of DeFi - the future is all about user-experience

Mass adoption of DeFi - the future is all about user-experience

DeFi will not overtake on the legacy system, but will rather creatie a parallel financial ecosystem that will generate a lot of value to all its stakeholders. For us, DeFi is more than a more open financial system, with all the narrative we use to hear about (transparent, accessible, censorship resilient etc.); it also enables an incredible "plug-n-play" user-experience. Users keep their identity, funds and data in their wallet, and connect to services and products, in one click, without registration; and everyday, new services and products are unveiled... We are building “Exchange”, one of the building block of the DeFi, which allows to gain economic exposure to the price of any financial asset, and “Network”, a contract wallet which aim to be the most user-friendly gateway to the DeFi to onboard millions of users into it and help them managing their digital wealth. We are also developing interest-bearing stablecoins, multi-exchange and broker trading platform and a fiat gateway.

Senior Polyglot Full-stack developer - build the best product for DeFi

Blockchain Engineer - DeFi - trustless trading protocol - synthetic assets

Senior Fx Trader and entrepreneur. DeFi maximalist.