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Mass adoption of DeFi - the future is all about user-experience

Front-end - create the most beautiful and user friendly DeFi products

€20k – €30k • 0.1% – 1.0%
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More details >> drive.google.com/open?id=1aEv7g0DkLRS_D6WDVEzvVKQWNsWmQoOq

At Jarvis we deeply care about UI and UX, and consider them as part of our branding and user-acquisition strategy. We hide the underlying technology to make our product the most usable possible.

You will be crucial to help us to achieve our goal by working on the client-side of our mobile and web applications.

• research, design, implement and improve the user-interface and user-experience of our applications (Js, React and Flutter; prior experience with the latter is optional)
• improve the integration of our well-documented HTML5 charting library and add more features
• maintain the design of our website and integrate new websites design when needed.
• Develop and maintain UI components, application features and client-side business logic
• Participate in code reviews and ensure exceptional code quality
• Work closely with designers to find a good balance between exceptional UI/UX, performance and code maintainability
• produce reusable, responsive and cross-platform components
• be working Flutter and Dart; however prior experience with them is optional

• 2+ years of experience with any other frontend languages and frameworks such as:
o Web – HTML/CSS/JS/TypeScript + React/Vue/Angular/etc.
o Desktop – WPF/SL/UWP/Xamarin Forms, Qt, GTK, etc.
o Mobile – Native Android/iOS, React Native, etc.
• Familiarity with async programming: callbacks, async/await, RX (Reactive Extensions), Redux(-Thunk/Saga), etc.
• proficiency with Git and familiarity VCS workflows such as git flow

• In Sofia, Bulgaria, in the perfect city-center
• We are offering a career on a long-term project
• Flexible working-time and home-office
• Competitive salary, bonuses and equity-token
(net in EURO: 1.2k-2.5k)
• Cool dog-friendly office
Cosy atmosphere, team building, video games, drone, robot, barbecue, ping-pong

😍 Remote position if you are THE person for us, if no think about relocating in Sofia, Bulgaria (the best quality of life ever).