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Mass adoption of DeFi - the future is all about user-experience

Blockchain Engineer - contract wallet - DeFi - open brokerage protocol

€20k – €42k • 0.1% – 1.0%
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More details >> drive.google.com/open?id=1P3QxF6w-R0pLPjXkpO0yKlmuIkZPrC5W

At Jarvis we care deeply about user-experience, and consider them as part of our branding and user-acquisition strategy. We hide the underlying technology to make our product the most usable possible. We also deeply care about decentralization.

You will be crucial to our effort to solve issue to make our wallet more scalable, usable and with more features, and our protocol more decentralized, open and powerful…

• Research and development on interoperability, state channel and other scalling solutions, private key management, etc.
• Developing/maintaining/upgrading sets of smartcontracts
• Play with/combine DeFi protocols and integrate at a smartcontract level
• Increase decentralization of our protocol, open it and to make it permissionless to become a building block of DeFi
• Participate in R&D, identify issues and evaluate implications of ideas or solutions 
• Research, design, implement and maintain features throughout our software stack 
• Participate in code reviews and ensure exceptional code quality
• Participate to hackathon :)

• 1+ year(s) of experience with smartcontract and Blockchain development
• 3+ years of experience with any of: C++/C#/F#/D/Rust/Dart/Kotlin/Scala/Elm/ES6/JavaScript/TypeScript/Solidity
• general programming expertise - data structures, computer architecture, operating systems, web architecture, security
• proficiency with Git and familiarity VCS workflows such as git flow 
experience with UI programming – any of: CSS/JS, Xamarin/UWP/WPF, native iOS or Android, React Native, Flutter 
• familiarity with async programming: Future/Promise/Task, async/await, RX (Reactive Extensions), Redux(-Thunk/Saga)
• familiarity of functional programming principles 

• In Sofia, Bulgaria, in the perfect city-center
• We are offering a career on a long-term project
• Flexible working-time and home-office
• Competitive salary, bonuses and equity-token
(net in EURO: Jun. 800-1.2k / Mid. 1.2k-2.5k / Sen. 2.5k-3.5k)
• Cool dog-friendly office
Cosy atmosphere, team building, video games, drone, robot, barbecue, ping-pong

😍 Remote position if you are THE person for us, if no think about relocating in Sofia, Bulgaria (the best quality of life ever).

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