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Sales Development for B2B companies

Sales Development Representative - always hiring!

$10k – $20k • No equity
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If you are reading this we are still hiring!

ARE YOU A SDR WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD? We are looking for SDR's that have experience in selling software (SaaS) or subscription based models or have worked within technology companies.


We hire people that enjoy talking with others, learning new things and those that want to expand themselves, whether it’s personally or professionally. The most successful SDR’s develop persistence, grit and value solid professional relationships. We will teach you to be a mini CEO of your own time and operate efficiently. If you value a good first impression, setting goals, have always pushed yourself a bit harder, then you would be a great fit for our team.

SDRs are sales professionals specializing in creating a consistent pipeline for Account Executives (AE’s) by qualifying leads. The main role is to get in touch target leads through emails, calls or social media, to set appointments for AE’s or higher level sales professionals to negotiate and close. SDRs will be on the phone with target leads which may require you to get outside your comfort zone.

Must have experience working remotely and be self-disciplined

Must have strong communication skills to interact with potential customers and sales staff.

Must have previous experience working with CRM's (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc...)

Teamwork skills to work as an effective part of the sales team.

Customer service skills.

Analytical skills to help determine which products will be most suited to the customer's needs and identify the salesperson who is most knowledgeable about those products.

Great time management skills to meet outbound target goals and respond to emails as efficiently as possible.

**NOTE: this is a contractor position and does not include benefits.

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Sales Development for B2B companies

Janes Partners focuses on B2B, Sales and Marketing, Direct Sales, and B2B · SaaS · Mobile · Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. Their company has offices in Denver and Amsterdam. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.janespartners.com/