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Sales Development for B2B companies

Sales Development for B2B companies

Are your sales people wearing too many hats and owning the entire sales process from lead generation to close? Is this leading to a rollercoaster in your sales pipeline and revenue? We’ve developed a team that understands the sales cycle - they know how to qualify leads, be efficient with time and set more meetings for your Account Executives or Sales Team that will lead to more consistent revenue. We believe in measurable results. We are a strategic partner that focuses on action with direct sales. We will A/B test best practices and customer pitches and outreach, we approach target customers with empathy and we are relentless in understanding your ideal customer and market. Our goal is to help you meet your target revenue goals at a rate that is much more affordable and scaleable than hiring and training an in house team. We want you to go on to raise your next round or become a successfully self funded business.

Sales Development Representative - always hiring!

Shelley Janes

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CEO of Global Sales Development agency. Entrepreneur with over 15 years sales experience and 10 years in B2B Enterprise Sales. MSc in Psychology.