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Virtual recruiting platform for millennials. Video-first, AI, SaaS

Virtual recruiting platform for millennials. Video-first, AI, SaaS

Jabord is an end-to-end AI-powered, video-first, digital recruitment platform built for millennials. The Jabord platform is private, modernizes recruiting, offers a great experience for job seekers & employers, improves efficiency & transparency, streamlines & automates the recruiting process and saves companies significant time and millions of dollars in recruiting cost. Jabord offers several proprietary and first-of-its-kind features including, built-in skill validation, reference verification, multi-apply, integrated communication (patent pending), real time feedback loop and analytics. For the applicant, in an increasingly competitive & tight job market, Jabord delivers everything from building and re-branding your resume to identifying your best career. We have integrated multimedia tools to offer a better experience for both applicant and hiring manager. For the HR recruiting specialist, we offer more informative job postings, smart candidate search, applicant tracking & candidate relationship management tools, transparency throughout the entire process, background checks, integrated communication and much more, for seamless delivery of talent. Jabord has 2000+ career pages pre-built & published for companies to claim & post jobs, while candidates can research and apply for jobs. We gather 60% more relevant data than any other competitor which enables Jabord AI machine learning to track candidate & hiring manager interactions for self coaching & accurate matching.

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Founder @Jabord, @ FLYNN, ,Worked at @UBS