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Play games and become a Wizard !

Play games and become a Wizard !

Youtube like platform and mobile apps for accessing and creating learning games.

iWizard app and backend platform makes the use of pre-designed games and adapt them to learning scenarios to make learning enjoyable.
Students are given daily tasks of 15-20 minutes and this helps them achieve their learning goals.
Use of machine/adaptive learning help right content delivered to each student depending on his learning level and goal.
At first launch the product is targeted at 6-14 years age group and subjects Math, Language learning , Geography, Science

Addressing problem
Ample of mobile phones and tablets provides the opportunity for the parent and teacher to engage students . Students can play games for 15-20 minutes everyday
Parents-teachers real-time analytics of users play and progress, trouble topics , issues and gaps in learning . Monitor performance and see it improve !

End consumer is the student but the product customer is parent

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