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No more tax surprises for the self-employed

No more tax surprises for the self-employed

Track helps freelancers withhold enough for self-employment taxes every time they get paid.

We've simplified Track to the three essential features our beta users loved most:
1. Every time you get paid 1099 income, Track calculates and withholds what you owe.
2. Track sends your tax withholdings and paperwork to the IRS and your state tax authority.
3. You can add expense deductions to get a tax refund every quarter, instead of waiting until next April.

Our members have said the top three benefits they get from Track are:

* "There's no wondering what I need to set aside for taxes."
* "I never spend what I owe, so I don't need to worry about penalties."
* "I have more time to focus on real work that makes me money."

Track serves individual freelancers (at self-saver.org) or through accounting apps via our 1099 Tax API.

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