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Compliance for your website, app and organization

Compliance for your website, app and organization

There is a market worth $270B just in the US. It’s one of the biggest markets in the world, yet with almost no technology solutions. It’s the legal market.
A big chunk of this market is about legal solutions for SMB. Yet, only a few companies, today,
are trying to address this market. Those who do, are achieving impressive results.
Iubenda is one of these few companies trying to disrupt this market by providing online legal solutions.
It’s a huge vision, so we started from a niche: legal compliance for web professionals. We created a SaaS for generating privacy policies and recently expanded to T&C and customization services.

At iubenda.com, users can generate a professional, lawyer-crafted, customizable, self-updating privacy policy and request customizations or the crafting of terms & conditions thanks to a worldwide network of local attorneys.
Co-Founder @iubenda, Degree Software Engineering, 10yrs IT Consultant, 4yrs Web Startup
Founder and Chairman of @iubenda, advisor at Sticker Mule.
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