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We bring logistics online

We bring logistics online

ItsMyCargo is where technology meets logistics.
We help freight providers leverage technology in their everyday operations, allowing them to elevate what they do better than anyone else: facilitating global trade!

The industry is on a path towards digitising, but the journey can be cumbersome and demand for more resources than margins are high in this market. Especially when it comes to IT! But it is well worth the hassle: If not for the gained efficiency, the global reach to new markets, or to fight back digital competitors that are tapping into your business, then for your customers! Instant quotation is a convenience that is not overlooked, and neither is the freedom to view and choose between relevant departures. All that included in an online booking experiences that doesn't last more than a few minutes is invaluable. To you and your customers.

Oh, and by the way.. we are not at all expensive when it comes to IT. That is not how we do things. Give us a call and let's talk!

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Currently building a start-up
Founder @ItsMyCargo. 1st software startup out of university. Strong business background from B.Sc., M.Sc. from CBS. Additional degree in Maritime Business.