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We add a touch of Luxury to Real Estate to build relationships with Property customers

Remote work with a digital solution for B2B Property. Beat Covid-19.

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I’m Eric and I’m the Co-Founder & CEO of Itoma 3D Tech. We are a tech start-up based in London, UK.


We are looking for Sale Leaders / Execs on a flexible, freelance basis, from your own place, at your own time because it is the results you can achieve that will generate your salary.


We have market-ready Visualisation products like Animations, existing sales, testimonials, initial funding, well-defined plan & an amazing tech team to get an edge, a couple of Letters of Intent, cooperation for innovation with 2 universities, received SEIS & EIS status for UK investors and currently focus on fundraising & sales. But enough about us...


  • How often did you struggle to explain your project to the customer?
  • How often did you have a problem to showcase your product to the purchaser?
  • How often do you need to test the market for your Product & Construction development before you actually send the first piece for production or get your teams working on the construction sites (which means - before you spend big buck building or prototyping the product)?

We solve all of those problems with VISUALISATIONS & INTERACTIVE / IMMERSIVE PRODUCTS (whether it is an animation or more sophisticated method - see WHAT below).


We want to be a single harbour for all, turnkey visualisation & concept design needs for our customers.

Whether Digital, Paper or 3D Printed - we have done it all but we find Digital products as the best offering that can be delivered across borders to our customers.


  • We offer CGIs (Computer Generated Images - MAIN PRODUCT): http://itoma.co.uk/service/
  • Construction Development Animations (MAIN PRODUCT): http://bit.ly/ItomaPlaylistConstruction1
  • Product Animations (MAIN PRODUCT): http://bit.ly/ItomaPlaylistProduct
  • Interactive Tours / Virtual Tours: http://bit.ly/ItomaExInterOn - you can actually walk it yourself exactly as the customers would http://bit.ly/ItomaVRVideos
  • Augmented Reality: http://bit.ly/ItomaExAR (you can also download our app on your Android or Apple device and try it yourself - more info when we speak but this is what gets you "foot in the door" with the customer - when you eg. scan business card we produce for you / the customer and during the networking or conversation you present interactively - first impression counts!)
  • and an innovative, unique product for Developers & Construction that we will share once we sign NDA & Contract (PRODUCT WE PROMOTE THE MOST NOW & MOVE INTO SaaS BUSINESS MODEL)


  1. We start with a conversation & NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
  2. This is a freelance position. It means that it is not about any sort of set hours or place but simply - you are paid commission for the sales you generate with no set time, nor place. You can do it around your full time / part time job / retirement / anything else in your life but once you connect with your customer - it is yours for life to get a commission.
  3. We sign a contract for your commissions plus the fact that once introduced - any purchases from this client now & in the future will pay you a commission.
  4. You introduce us to the companies - we currently specialise in Developers & Construction companies (http://bit.ly/ItomaPlaylistConstruction1) and Product Businesses (http://bit.ly/ItomaPlaylistProduct) with a number of customers but we are testing also other types of markets for market-fit.
  5. You meet the customer and become an Account Manager for them.
  6. As soon as customer decides to order from you - our technical team takes over & starts the conversation to deliver the project while you are kept in the loop and responsible for POs (Purchase Orders), invoices & payments (so you know how much commission you are going to get once customer paid). You are the commercial lead – we pick up all the technical delivery of a project.
  7. To deliver a project - we need a sketch drawing or even better - a CAD with a specification of materials and any specific requirements (eg: how it should show in space eg. https://youtu.be/CZbvHsa0H6k). Optionally: localisation (simply - post code) for an external building animations only to map the environment for visualisation. Those are the examples of customer requirements from which we produced work for other customers: http://bit.ly/ItomaConstructionArchitectureCustomerRequirementsExample
  8. Then we deliver a draft with a watermark for customer comments.
  9. We change it as required by the customer and send for the second review.
  10. Once customer is happy and payment has been processed - we send final version in full resolution and no watermark.
  11. Then you are paid your commission once monthly from all the customers who ordered through your introduction (where you act as an Account Manager).
  12. We have a portfolio of over 20 customers already in Construction & Architecture and over 10 in Product & Engineering along with testimonials and a business case how our Visualisations improved customer's ROI & helped them get customer feedback, build relationship & sell faster. They are available for provision to the customers to prove the business interest & value.
  13. We also have bi-weekly catchups through teleconference on Tuesdays & Fridays with the business development / sales team. We then speak about what we offer, what are the next steps, value proposition & share feedback / lessons learnt from the customers to improve upon our offering & decide on future product development with our dev team. You also learn offering approach (how to start - whether customer does not use it or use some of it - how "to get to him / her"?), pricing & payment terms.
  14. Last but not least - we also try to have some fun & dream about the future because it is exciting ;-) (especially SaaS business model...)


Our product is fully digital in B2B model but needs some input from the customer.

We are looking for representatives in

  • Europe: UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Nordics & Poland
  • North America: US & Canada.
  • Middle East
  • & Asia: China & Japan.


  • High ticket market.
  • Related to product that everyone needs (lives in).
  • Fully developed solutions & going for more.
  • Not limited by borders, fully customizable & digital.
  • Giving both: customer and end-user control over what they want to see.
  • Transforming it into a SaaS model to build a relationship with our customers.


You need to be:

  • motivated,
  • be able to connect with people
  • have a drive.
  • & be able to spare 1-2 hours a week to connect with the rest of the team over phone or a teleconference.
  • We also find that existing connections in Construction, Development, Architecture or Product / Manufacturing / Project Industry - definitely help.

Everything else is learnable and we provide full training and onboarding with all the information necessary to get you started: products, value proposition, target customers, competition, USPs and more - here is a sample:

Drop us a line when interested, let's start a conversation & join our growing team as we transform our business & take it to the next level.



PS To get a better feel what we are really about - visit our social profiles e.g.:

Remote work is preferred work.

As long as we get to our common goals - it doesn't matter whether we spend time commuting to sit in the same office. Work is now remote and let's simply - get it done.

Regular coaching

We have regular catch-ups, usually on the weekly basis to set the goals, monitor the progress, identify & fill any gaps to take our game to the next level.

Itoma Lux at a glance

We add a touch of Luxury to Real Estate to build relationships with Property customers

Itoma Lux focuses on Enterprise Software, Real Estate, B2B, Artificial Intelligence, and Project Management. Their company has offices in London, Brussels, Bedford, Hatfield, and Wrocław. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.itoma.co.uk or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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