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We add a touch of Luxury to Real Estate to build relationships with Property customers


We ask ourselves a question - what does really resonate with us? What are our core values? 1. Innovation is at our core. It gives us a competitive advantage. 2. Strategy provides us with a direction for our customers & colleagues. 3. Implementation gives us lessons learnt and the right way to do it "first or the next time". 4. Communication helps us to share what we learnt with the customers & colleagues. 5. Motivation - simply enables all of the above.

Perks and benefits

Remote work is preferred work.

As long as we get to our common goals - it doesn't matter whether we spend time commuting to sit in the same office. Work is now remote and let's simply - get it done.

Regular coaching

We have regular catch-ups, usually on the weekly basis to set the goals, monitor the progress, identify & fill any gaps to take our game to the next level.