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Talk to an expert traveler and plan a super personalised trip

Talk to an expert traveler and plan a super personalised trip

Ithaka is a travel social commerce platform with trip planning at the foundation, driven by our community of Travel Influencers. Travel planning remains chaotic even today and travelers spend 30+ hours on trip research on blogs, reviews, travel videos, etc. and even then decision making remains hard. Ithaka streamlines this by enabling a deeply personal, 1:1 conversation with a Travel Influencer who helps them figure out everything around their trip making the traveler 23x more efficient and this is how: a. Discovery - Through product features that mirror users' behaviour online (first shortlist by visual stimulus, matching by preferences etc) b. Decision Making - Driven by Influencers and a smart product which understands 'good travel choices' (anchors, time to catch transport, is the trip rushed etc) c. Trip Management - Beautiful, detailed itinerary which can be booked in part or full with a single click in-app with real-time costing

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