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Preventing Workplace Injuries Through Biomotion Insights

Preventing Workplace Injuries Through Biomotion Insights

Iterate Labs developed the first industrial wearable and software to provide data driven solutions for worker safety, operations, and training. The Delta-1 wearable automates the collection and analysis of worker motion to prevent musculoskeletal injuries that cost US employers $25 billion annually. Proprietary assessment algorithms and AI alert workers and management of safety risks in real-time and at scale. Iterate Labs has contracts with several of the largest name-brand multinationals manufacturing companies in the world with several additional pilots positioned for Q1 2020. Our data and platform provide additional value opportunities in the form of accelerating and aiding training, productivity, and continuous improvement.

Jason Guss

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CEO of Iterate Labs. PhD in Biomedical Engineering @Cornell University Passion for entrepreneurship and science communication.
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