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Architect for Privacy

Architect for Privacy

IronCore helps cloud software companies sell to the Enterprise by reducing barriers around security and compliance by making it easy to invert control of sensitive data. Enterprise customers control the keys that can unlock their data, regardless of where it's stored. With IronCore's customer-controlled data service, the owner of the data controls access instead of the application vendor.

Enterprises prefer this approach because they can store sensitive data in the cloud without loss of security or control. And SaaS vendors get to sell more software, faster. Often at a premium price point.

SaaS vendors also reduce the risks to their own businesses without spending time outside of their core competency. 90% of security incidents are caused by application-level problems [Source: DHS]. IronCore saves software companies money, delivers difficult-to-engineer access control and encryption features, and brings usable, scalable data security to the cloud.

Bob Wall

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Software architect at RightNow Technologies, then Oracle. Left to start IronCore Labs. M.S. degrees in EE and CS from MSU.
CEO of IronCore; Entrepreneur, technologist, innovator, leader and investor. Security evangelist.

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