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IRIS MONITORING (iris-eng.com) IRIS Monitoring we combine photonics and ICTs to develop NIR analysers and turnkey Process Analytical Technology solutions that allow our clients to improve their quality control systems and optimise their production processes. We are Barcelona-based with 60+ staff. VISUM Ltd. (visum.ie) Dublin-based

VISUM Ltd. manufactures tailor-made devices for measuring quality parameters using optical sensors in the invisible near-infrared ranges: NIR Spectroscopy.

IRIS INNOVATION (innovationatiris.com) Innovation Division performs top-level R&D for generating new knowledge, knowhow, and technological advancements in Applied Photonics, ICT, and Circular-Bioeconomy for shaping product and process improvements and market innovations.

SMAC (iristechnologygroup.com) Tailor-made software solutions for Industry: from cloud applications development, to advanced data mining services.

SAPENTA (sapenta.com) Enterprise Smartworking software for productive, flexible and collaborative workplaces. SAPENTA is a fast-growing Barcelona-based start-up company.
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Software Engineer

C++ Engineer

Key requirements:

Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

Strong experience in:

Executing projects involving the engineering design and development of “real-time applications” to connect with external hardware (sensors, cameras..