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YC-Backed, Robust Collision Avoidance Systems for Industrial Drones


3 rounds
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Buddy Arnheim

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Firmwide Chair, Emerging Companies Practice, @Perkins Coie

Bessemer Venture Partners

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Investing in consumer, enterprise and healthcare technology startups

Kevin Moore

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Leeroy Jenkins of angels. Former tech i-banker, corp dev, CFO. @University of Southern California +250 portfolio >> http://agileangel.com/

XG Ventures

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Andrea Zurek

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Founding Partner, XG Ventures. Investor in 95+ companies.

Jeremy Yap

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Business Development. Consultant. Tech - Asia and Latin America

Ajay Gupta

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Angel Investor based in the Bay Area

Immad Akhund

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Now: CEO, Founder @Mercury & seed investor, Was: PT Partner @Y Combinator, Founder @Heyzap (Acquired). Investor: @Airtable, @Nurx, @Rappi, @Atrium 50+
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