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The Artificial Intelligence that reads science

The Artificial Intelligence that reads science

Iris AI is your Science assistant, helping you map out relevant research for your thesis work or R&D project. She will double your productivity over existing tools such as Google Scholar (and grow up to be the world's first AI Researcher). The flow is simple. Give Iris the URL to a research paper. She reads the abstract, maps out the key concepts and presents you with the most relevant articles from more than 30M Open Access papers. With a nicely visualized overview you can navigate around until you find what you need, and directly download the paper, without formulating key words. Scithons show that research teams using Iris more than double their productivity - their identification of key papers and their understanding of the problem space - compared to existing tools. (iris.ai/journey/great-results-first-scithon) Iris AI services a volume market consisting of Master Thesis and PhD students, and targets R&D departments and Research Institutes with their paid solutions.

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