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High-performance endurance UAVs for industry

High-performance endurance UAVs for industry

Iridium Dynamics is a drone manufacturer in Brisbane, Australia / Toulouse, France. We are developing a commercial UAV platform called Halo, for long-endurance operation for remote sensing applications over large distances. Our goal is to create a new business model in a new market: automated aerial-data-as-a-service, for large-scale infrastructure.

Our enabling technology is the Halo aircraft. Key features are:
- Long range – a order of magnitude greater than multirotors;
- Long hovering endurance – an order of magnitude greater than other VTOL fixed-wing UAVs;
allowing operations which require up-close inspection of distant sites.
The aircraft is also: vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capable; all electric; lightweight; mechanically simple (no swashplate); quiet.
MECHANICAL ENGINEER with experience in aerospace and consumer product R&D
Founder, CEO @Iridium Dynamics. Quantum Systems Engineer, Microsoft Research. MSc '16. BEng/BSc '14.
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