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2x founder, strategic problem-solver, visionary. Taking employers from fault-finding to fact-finding, using data driven analytics for actionable insights.


Tristan Carkuff

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Argie Angeleas

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Director of Product at iReportSource, PhD with focus in AI & Computer Vision, Problem-Solver and Solution-Creator

Taylor Mackinder

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Jason Roell

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Phoebe Wood

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Independent Consumer Goods Professional
Managing Director - UpTech / Commercialization Director - NKY office KY Innovation Network Seed-stage Startup specialist, graphic designer, advisor

Brian Powell

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Dir of Engineering (Tangram Flex), CTO (CompleteSet), CTO/VP of Eng (Strap), VP of Eng (Ensequence), Founder (Widget Realm/Devici), Founder (Inset Solutions)